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Fluorescent lamp

Products may differ in size, colour and appearance to those shown. If you require further information or customisation, please contact us directly.


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IECEx KDB 15.0002X, KDB 04 ATEX 339X
Marking II 2G Ex de mb IIC T5 Gb, II 2 D Ex tb IIIC Db
Protection class to EN 60 529
IP66 / IP67
Zone 1
Temperature range -25 °C
Temperature range 50 °C
Power supply, electronic 50-60Hz, 220-230VAC
Material Stainless steel, Light cover Polycarbonate
WISKA-No. Type Power^
Material cable gland
50103908  EXP83-2180-EMSKE25-PR 2 x 18 W 230 V T5 Brass nickel-plated
50106786 EXP83-2360-EMSKE25-A3-PR 2 x 36 W 230 V T5 Brass nickel-plated

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