Material tester for plastic technology at WISKA

Technical and Commercial Apprenticeship

Material tester for plastic technology

The training as a material tester is a very special and responsible apprenticeship. Testing the material of the products and monitoring the quality is a very important task for the success of WISKA. 

Training at WISKA
Your workplace at WISKA will be mostly at the test laboratory. To guarantee the quality of our products they must be tested for their stability against water, fire, wind and impact. For the training you should be very organized and structured. A strong sense of responsibility and accuracy are also very important.

Other information
The practical and theoretical training will be alternating theme-work-teaching at our location in Kaltenkirchen and at the vocational school in Bavaria. To start the apprenticeship as a materials tester, you should at least have a secondary school leaving certificate as well as good knowledge in math, physics and chemistry.

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