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COMBI: The junction box for all applications

WISKA COMBI junction boxes are easily identified by their well-known bellied cover allowing for more room inside the box and easy installation.

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Features of the COMBI series:

  • Weather-proof, resistant to ultraviolet, shatter proof, impact-resistant
  • Ideally suitable for extreme conditions or outdoor installations
  • Solid thermoplastic housing made out of 2 different kinds of moulding components 
  • Flame-retardent and halogen-free
  • saving on labour thanks to faster cable entry via soft self-sealing membrane, no further tool required (COMBI 108, 407, 607, 1210)
  • Self-sealing membrane in the ground enables clean assembly for cable outputs from the wall (COMBI 108, 407, 607, 1210)
  • Captive and rust-free quick-release lid screws of plastic, closing of the box with only a quarter turn
  • 10 % more room inside thanks to bellied cover
  • Integrated thread in which cable glands can be directly mounted into - without locknuts. The combination of thread and membrane saves you one further working process. (COMBI 308, 407, 607 und 1210)

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Quick and secure closing

Rust-free captive quick-release fasteners: close and seal the box with just a quarter turn

For extreme conditions, indoors and out

Strong thermoplastic housing made from two separate plastic component

Unique design

Ribbed corners and the unique WISKA bellied cover for 10 % more space inside

Protection against moisture and dust

 High protection class of IP 66 / 67

Quick installation

Combined threaded and membrane entries for installation without tools or locknuts

Adaptor to connect COMBI 308 or COMBI 1210

Adaptor to connect COMBI 308 or COMBI 1210

No further tool required

No further tool required

 Earthing plate suitable for use with COMBI for SWA cable with BW / CW cable glands

Earthing plate suitable for use with COMBI for SWA cable with BW / CW cable glands

COMBI 108, 308 and 407 with fast mounting clip

COMBI 108, 308 and 407 with fast mounting clip

Flexibility is strong in this one!

Flexibility is strong in this one!

The newest family member completes the COMBI series – the clever solution for junction boxes.

Its external dimensions of 95 x 95 x 60 mm present an additional box size between the COMBI 308 and 607. With its innovative features, including the threaded membrane entries, it offers the full range of all COMBI benefits. New to the product line are also screwless push in terminals for quicker and easier installation. Furthermore all accessories of the COMBI 308 are also available for the 407.

The 6 x M 20 threaded membrane entries combined with the M 20 threaded and middle membrane entry with knockout to M 25 make for maximum flexibility.

The COMBI 407 is a valuable addition for our junction box family.

3-D CAD files can be found in the menue structure below the product picture of each specific model.



Our COMBI junction boxes in the new IP 68 SET offer optimal protection against moisture by a new filling material. Your solution to damp surroundings! 

  • Available for COMBI 308, 407, 607 and 1010
  • The sealing technique ensures a high life expectancy, even under permanent influence of moisture, ideal for ports and shipyards, car wash plants, tunnels and flooding areas
  • IP 68 up to a water depth of up to 15 meters and 170 hours according to DIN EN 60529
  • Usable at temperatures between -30°C and 100°C
  • Mixing bag solution allows for a professional and clean sealing of the box as well as an easy removal of the filling material, plastic sprue allows for easy sealing 
  • Filling material consolidates after a few minute
  • Delivery includes: COMBI junction box, plastic bag with fluid, plastic sprue and stop end

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