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Facts and Figures

WISKA manufactures electrical equipment, lighting products and CCTV camera surveillance systems for shipbuilding, diverse industries and trade. Founded in Hamburg in 1919, as a shipbuilding supplier, WISKA started with the production of brass installation material. Already in the mid-1920´s, first plastic cable glands were produced for the industry sector. Today, the family company employs over 260 people worldwide.

Facts and Figures

The product range includes, for example, searchlights, floodlights, reefer container sockets, cable entries, junction boxes and switches, completed by digital CCTV technology. WISKA operates its own research and development facilities and production plants next-door at its headquarters in Germany and has a global network of representatives and subsidiaries who ensure a quick and effective on-site customer service.

Company Profile

WISKA Hoppmann GmbH
Kisdorfer Weg 28, 24568 Kaltenkirchen, Germany
Foundation: 1919 in Hamburg, Germany
Management:   Family-owned and –operated company in third generation
Ronald Hoppmann, Tanja Hoppmann (brother and sister)
Employees: 260 employees across the globe
210 of them in Germany

Growth in employees of 48 % since 2010 worldwide
10 % apprentices at WISKA
More than 17 % of our WISKA family have completed their apprenticeship in our company

WISKA UK Ltd. – founded 2000
WISKA India Pvt. Ltd. – founded 2009
WISKA Systems Ibérica, S. L. – founded 2011
WISKA América SRL – founded 2013
WISKA Electric Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. – founded 2013
Core Business: Industry, shipbuilding and trade supplier of electrical installation material, lighting and camera surveillance (CCTV)

Industry and trade electrical equipment: cable entries and cable protection, junction boxes

Maritime lighting, electrical equipment and camera surveillance for maritime applications: searchlights, floodlights, luminaires, cable entries, junction boxes, switches, reefer sockets, explosion-proof products, CCTV cameras

WISKA is one of the world market leaders for reefer container sockets and also market leader in camera surveillance on container vessels (CCTV)

Distribution: Global network of subsidiaries and representatives, area-wide sales force in Germany 


2010: 20 Mill. Euro
2011: 23 Mill. Euro
2012: 28 Mill. Euro
2013: 33 Mill. Euro
2014: 41 Mill. Euro
2015: 42,5 Mill. Euro
2016: 37 Mill. Euro 
2017: 35 Mill. Euro  

Research & Development / Production: Own research and development department, manufacturing and assembly, testing laboratory, logistic centre at headquarter´s site


Quality & Environment:



ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001:2004
ATEX Policy 2014/34/EU


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