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British standard, BS 6121


British Standard BS 6121 to the products

Cable glands according to British Standard BS 6121

With its cable glands complying with British Standard (BS) 6121, WISKA offers products for installation. Due to the use of steel wire armour cables, these locations require the use of special versions of cable glands.

Unlike to German market, the UK and other Commonwealth markets use steel wire armoured cable, which requires the use of BW and CW cable glands. In addition to these cables there are types to suit SY or CY braided cable. The demands of these kind of cable glands are fixed in British Standard (BS) 6121.

Eventually, due to several changes within the standards, and with the emergence of harmonised European Normative for products and equipment used in potentially flammable atmospheres, BS 6121 concentrated on the industrial cable gland design only, the essence of which has prevailed for more than 40 years.

Today the BS 6121 requirement, although still called for in many engineering specifications around the world, is slowly being lost and diluted in the process of harmonisation and globalisation. Whilst new EN standards may be brought into deal with generic subject headings, and are considered to replace existing national standards, they do not always address the issues and needs of all applications.

Technical product data

Cable glands according to British Standard BS 6121 to the products

Cable glands for Great Britain and the Commonwealth

In Great Britain and the Commonwealth nations, cables that require special cable glands according to British Standard BS 6121 are typically used. As a leading producer of cable glands for Great Britain, WISKA has developed a comprehensive range of cable glands according to British Standard 6121.

What is a British Standard?

British Standards, as well as the British Standards Institution (BSI), are comparable to the Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardisation), or DIN. The organisation defines standards that are then published as BS or BSI standards.

British Standard BS 6121 was originally developed for the multiple varieties of cable glands in the industrial sector and in hazardous areas. Because of the many changes that the standards underwent and with the rise of unified European standards for products and devices that can be used in potentially flammable areas, BS 6121 concentrates on cable glands for the industrial sector. Their basic features have become established over more than 40 years.

Features of cable glands according to BS 6121

Unlike in the German market, steel wire armoured cables (SWA cables) are used in Great Britain and other markets in the Commonwealth. SWA cables require BW cable glands (without seals) and CW cable glands (with single seals). Furthermore, there are cable glands specifically for SY-shielded cables (shielded with steel wire) and CY-shielded cables (shielded with copper wire). The requirements for these cable glands are defined in British Standard 6121.

WISKA has both BW cable glands and CW cable glands in its British Standard range. In compliance with BS 6121, E1W cable glands with single wire armour for armoured cables and CXT cable glands for braided cables complete the product portfolio.

Cable glands according to British Standard BS 6121

Cable glands according to British Standard BS 6121

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