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Steel plates

Product illustrations are exemplary and may differ from the chosen product. Further variants and individual customization, we will gladly provide you on request.


Material Steel
WISKA-No. Typ External dimensions LxWxH Packing unit
WDB SP1 WDB SP1 300x200x1mm 1
WDB SP2 WDB SP2 350x250x1mm 1
WDB SP3 WDB SP3 400x300x1mm 1
WDB SP4 WDB SP4 400x300x1mm 1
WDB SP5 WDB SP5 500x350x1mm 1
WDB SP6 WDB SP6 500x400x1mm 1
WDB SP7 WDB SP7 600x400x1mm 1
WDB SP8 WDB SP8 700x500x1mm 1
WDB SP9 WDB SP9 800x600x1mm 1

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