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Zone 1 cameras

Product illustrations are exemplary and may differ from the chosen product. Further variants and individual customization, we will gladly provide you on request.


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Operational area Explosion protection
Protection class IP66, IP68 (0,2bar, 30min)
Temperature range -30 °C - 55 °C
WISKA-No. Typ Resolution
Video Standard
10109522 CS-EX/W/2030/JB/230/IP/P HDTV 1080p (2MP) Full HD Remote operated Wipe only included
10109878 CS-EX/2030/JB/230/IP/P HDTV 1080p (2MP) Full HD Remote operated No included
10110044 D300-EX/42212/IP/PTZ/P HDTV 1080p (2MP) Digital Remote operated No included

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