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WISKA UK Ltd win AIEW Partnership Awards 2021


Saturday 9th October 2021 saw the Associated Independent Electrical Wholesalers (AIEW) host their annual Trade Show and Gala Dinner. AIEW was formed in 2001 to meet the needs of small and medium sized independent electrical wholesalers. AIEW quickly grew from an initial 12 members in the first year to stand at over 100 single and multi-branch businesses.

AIEW members are based around the UK.  The group brings together electrical wholesalers and manufacturers to help support and develop both business and relationships.  WISKA UK Ltd joined the AIEW back in 2001.  WISKA UK Ltd was honoured to be awarded the Partnership Award 2021 at the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony.

The award is voted by the AIEW employees and back-office team in recognition of suppliers that have actively supported the group over the years through promotions, catalogue support, trade show attendance, regular updates, and communications.

Managing Director Will Rich commented “It’s an incredible honour to receive this award.  We aim to continue to listen and talk with the members to ensure we offer them the best possible service and products, helping maximize their business.  We would like to thank Andy Dunning, Andy Gardner, David Dunning, Ann Dunning, the AIEW team and the members for their continued support, we look forward to future success and business together.”

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WISKA Win the Double at EW Awards 2021


Thursday 20th May 2021 saw the winners announced at the prestigious Electrical Wholesale Awards (EW Awards) 2021. This year’s event was a virtual affair with a live stream ceremony to crown the 2021 champions.

Organised by Datateam Business Media, the Electrical Wholesaler Awards are designed to recognise and highlight the achievements and services of electrical wholesalers and manufacturers across the UK. WISKA UK Ltd picked up 2 awards – Best Accessories Brand and Best New Product for their COMBI 206 Junction Box.

“Winning one EW Award is an honour, but two is an amazing achievement.” Comments Will Rich, Managing Director. “We would like to thank everyone that voted for us, we would also like to thank all of our customers, employees and suppliers for their continued support.”

To find out more about the COMBI 206 head over to www.wiska.co.uk .

Head over to www.electricalwholesalerawards.co.uk to find out more about the EW Awards.

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WISKA UK Ltd turns 21


It’s a special year for WISKA UK Ltd, as they celebrate their 21st year in the UK Market.

They started from humble beginnings in the year 2000, with just Will and Maxine Rich and no sales in the UK. With the family owners of WISKA Hoppmann GmbH they believed there was an opportunity for high quality, innovative electrical products, with a good service to support them.

WISKA Hoppmann GmbH, based in Hamburg were over 80 years old at the time and had been producing quality electrical products during this time. Their range had evolved from products made from brass to plastic injection mouldings, more suited to the Commercial Electrical markets.

With the support of a very experienced sales team and contacts in the electrical wholesale market, and through continuous contact with the electrical contracting one, the range has been extended and business has developed over the years, so that WISKA UK Ltd are now Market Leaders in their sector.

The business has always had an emphasis on people, with over 45% of existing staff started with the business as Apprentices. This policy still continues, as well as the 2nd generation of the family now involved in the business, ensuring the long-term cohesion and development.

The product range continues to grow with innovative high-quality products – it has always been the policy of the Company not to copy products and come up with new ideas. All of the products developed offer advantages to the installer.

Happy Birthday WISKA UK Ltd.

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WISKA UK Ltd win IBA’s Supplier of the Year 2020


Friday 15th January 2021 saw the IBA host their Supplier of the Year awards show.  The SOTY (as it’s known) was hosted digitally this year with members dressed to impressed from the comfort of their own homes.  Now in its 28th year, the IBA is an organisation for likeminded, established independent electrical wholesalers with a focus on member driven buying.  With over 85 members representing approximately 120 branches across the UK, as well as over 100 preferred suppliers, the IBA Supplier of the Year Awards are held in high regard across the industry for its recognition of excellence.

Members cast their votes in several categories to determine who the supplier of the year winner is.  In a challenging year it was huge honor for everyone involved at WISKA UK Ltd to be announced as the overall winner: WISKA UK Ltd, IBA Supplier of the Year 2020.  WISKA’s high standard of service, continued customer communication and high-quality products were highlighted by members as one of the many factors when deciding.

Managing Director Will Rich attend the ceremony.  “It’s a tremendous honor to receive this award as voted by the IBA members.” Comments Will.  “We aim to continue to listen and talk with our customers to ensure we offer them best possible service and products, helping maximize their business.  We would like to thank Paul Jenner, Russ Gratton, Pamela Hardman and all of the IBA’s members for their continued support, we look forward to future success and business together.”

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WISKA presents polyamide EMC locknut


Particularly in the industrial environment, with increasingly complex technologies, there is a large number of components that must be effectively protected against electromagnetic interference. For cable entry, there are various solutions, mostly as earthing inserts or braids used in metal cable gland fittings. With its new MagikNUT, WISKA now presents a solution which easily establishes the cable shield contact via the locknut.

The MagikNUT is a new polyamide EMC locknut with an integrated stainless steel clip. The EMC installation is easy and quick: The approx. 1 cm stripped off shielded cable is contacted by the claws of the stainless steel clip within the locknut. In addition to the considerably simplified shield contacting, the MagikNUT polyamide design also enables a simple EMC solution for plastic cable glands: The user benefits from maximum flexibility, from standard cable glands to threaded membrane entries and conduit fittings for cable protection. The new WISKA locknut is lightweight, available in M16, M20 and M25 and black or grey. All information on wiska.com.

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WISKA Wins Best Overall Brand at EW Awards


Monday 1st June 2020 saw WISKA UK Ltd announced as this year’s “Best Overall Brand” winner at the Electrical Wholesale Awards (EW Awards) 2020.

Organised by Datateam Business Media, the Electrical Wholesaler Awards are designed to recognise and highlight the achievements and services of electrical wholesalers and manufacturers across the UK. This year’s ceremony was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic however, the awards still went ahead with winners announced on Monday via EW Magazine’s Social Media channels. 

“Winning this award is a tremendous honour.” Comments Will Rich, Managing Director. “We would like to thank everyone that voted for us, we would also like to thank all of our customers and suppliers for their continued support.”

Head over to www.electricalwholesalerawards.co.uk to find our more about the Awards.

WISKA: Contactless body temperature measurement via CCTV


Industrial and shipbuilding supplier responds to current safety requirements

WISKA extends its range of video surveillance products with a body temperature measuring solution. The supplier has already installed the dual camera with thermal and daylight vision function, including blackbody, in the reception area of its German headquarters - a computer and monitor provides the image results.

"Security through CCTV video surveillance is part of our daily work, so it was only logical for us to start right here especially with the need for increase safety measures in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. With the new camera solution, we are able to meet the protection requirements for guests and employees exceeding the required social distance measures, contact-free but with AI-precise accuracy at +/- 0.3°C," says Ronald Hoppmann, WISKA General Manager.

For indoor applications, a distance of 3 meters is required between the camera and blackbody. The blackbody is the device used to measure and reference the temperature. An individuals forehead temperature is measured with high efficiency and in real time – at different distances depending on the product version. The unit can measure up to 15 people simultaneously; this makes the solution equally suitable for low to high traffic areas. Measurements are reliable even when wearing a mask and result messages can be supported by an integrated alarm management. WISKA only displays, does not store or process the data generated - all legal requirements are met.

"The safety requirements have increased across all areas – that is why we are now thinking of new applications for our products. In particular, video surveillance offers unexpected possibilities, from body temperature measurement to fully automated mask recognition to access control in high traffic areas, there are hardly any limits to development - certainly also for the maritime industry. And best of all: These solutions can be seamlessly integrated into our existing CCTV networks," explains Rico Feldmann, Director Business Unit CCTV at WISKA. With their digital video systems, WISKA offers internationally certified solutions for a wide range of applications, from outdoor to indoor, night vision and explosion protection to searchlight combinations. All information on wiska.com



New junction boxes from WISKA


With two new junction boxes, WISKA is expanding its COMBI range and strengthening its position in the plastic junction box sector.

With the COMBI 304 junction box, WISKA is not only introducing a new size box within its popular COMBI® series, but also a new design: The COMBI 304 is the first circular COMBI box with a diameter of 82 mm, 57 mm high and, especially in its standard colour black, is also ideally suited for use in architectural and retro design projects. The rotary switch version of the 304 perfectly rounds off the design aspiration of the 304 enclosure. The 304 offers 4 M20 threaded membrane entries, which can be used with the cable directly entered through the membrane (IP66) or via WISKA cable gland (IP67), with their conduit fittings (BraceFITTING) or rigid conduit fittings (KRASM). The flat lid of the new box can be closed as a bayonet cap with only a quarter turn; two external mounting lugs with a distance of 90 mm allow for convenient installation.

In addition to the 304, the new and largest WISKA COMBI box 1610 (200x160x94 mm) also expands the range - and is available as a high-quality junction box with cable diameters up to 16 mm² for electrical installation, automation and industry, e.g. also for CCTV and Wifi interfaces and repeaters. With its high protection class IP66/67 and the high-quality plastic injection moulding, the box is UV and ozone resistant like all of its series and therefore ideally suited for indoor and outdoor use. Cable entry with the 1610 is via up to 30 knockout entries from M20 to M40; options such as a clear cover or closed sides are available. Full information on wiska.com.



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Extension of cable protection range


WISKA presents 3 new variants of its BraceFITTING

Within its Brace® cable protection range, WISKA now offers further variants of its own in-house fitting innovation: The existing standard BraceFitting is supplemented by new adaptors for the extension of corrugated pipes and Y- and T-connectors.

The new versions also fulfil all the quality features of the standard, including the high protection class of IP 68, delivery in a completely assembled one-piece component, the directly injected seal and the innovative 360° clasp mechnanism. All these features ensure a high degree of safety and at the same time very easy installation and convenient maintenance, manufactured with the high plastics competence at WISKA. The non-metallic fittings are also available with metal connecting thread or (EMC) cable gland, as 45° or 90° angle and pressure compensation variant with the own VentGLAND®. The Brace® cable protection range is part of WISKA's comprehensive assortment of cable entries, including also cable glands, grommets and cable entry systems for trade and industry. Full details on wiska.com

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WISKA UK Ltd has been nominated for three different categories at this year’s EW Awards: Best Accessories Brand (COMBI Junction Box Range), Best Overall Brand and Best Customer Service Brand.

The EW Awards is the leading platform for recognising excellence across the electrical wholesale industry.  Each award represents a truly exclusive and respected stamp of approval.

The awards take place on Thursday 21st May 2020, at The Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London.

Click here to vote. Voting dates close on 12pm, Friday 27 March 2020.

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